Dullingham Parish Council’s

Response to current situation.  

As with many, the members of the Parish Council are looking into ways to help as a community in addressing some of the issues we currently face.

We have been advised that legislation prevents us taking responsibility for setting up any formal response. Given the unprecedented needs, we feel that this is not acceptable and will be doing what we can to put in place any measures that we feel are necessary, or you suggest, that we can reasonably act upon.

Whilst we are a small community, we feel it is better if we subdivide the parish into smaller units such as groups of developments or sectioning longer areas of development eg Station Road. We seek volunteers who will act as coordinators for each of these units to ensure those in need can get help. This will also ensure that those with localised knowledge of those who may be more vulnerable can get assistance who may otherwise be overlooked.

We would also ask for people who are willing to collect together requests for help with specific things such as prescriptions, shopping, pets etc so that the coordinators of the smaller areas can contact the person (or persons) looking after a specific need (eg prescriptions). These can then be collected and distributed more efficiently and any other needs that we have not catered for can also be resolved. It does not mean that those acting as coordinators will have to do all the work as we have people who are also willing to collect and deliver – we just have to get these things to work together!!

We are happy to accept all offers of help.

By making an organised response we can concentrate our resources and those offering to help can provide the best response we can manage.

All the parish councillors contact details are available via the newsletter and website.

To volunteer with the area in Dullingham you can cover please email Parish Clerk – dullinghamparishclerk@dullingham.org.uk
Thank you
Stay Safe
From us all at Dullingham Parish Council

The Full Parish Council meetings of Dullingham Parish Council  have been postponed until further notice.

Play area and recreation field

Following the government announcement last night the Play area is now CLOSED to all until further notice. 
The recreation field is an open space and must now ONLY be used when following the strict Government guidance set out in last nights announcement.
Please follow this advise and stay safe.